The Oasis Church

Mark Harris came to Tucson in 1994 as the founding pastor of The Oasis Church. He received his undergraduate degree from New Mexico State University majoring in Marketing and Management. He earned his Masters Degree while working as a Financial Consultant for Merrill Lynch. Mark is a visionary leader who is convinced that God has given each individual a unique purpose and all the gifts, talents, and abilities to fulfill it. The Oasis is an incredibly fresh approach to church and is specifically designed to help people discover their God-given potential. 

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Dennis Watson came to Tucson in 1998 from Mesa, AZ. He began attending The Oasis Church in April of 2003. After becoming an elder and overseeing the small group ministry at Oasis, Dennis joined the staff  in June 2005.

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Dawn Deaver is our bookkeeper.  She is a delight to know and work with and her smile will warm your heart. You need to get to know Dawn personally if you haven't already!

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Pam Hayes is the Director of Ministry.  We are excited to have Pam on our  staff. Her smile, dedication to the Lord and her great administrative abilities are a great asset  to our ministry!

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Daily Bible Verse 4/20/2018
There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NLT)